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Rotator Cuff Tear

Have you been told that you have a rotator cuff tear that cannot be repaired. Historically there are really no options for the younger patient. Superior Capsule reconstruction was introduced around 2 years ago and early results are promising. Patients are experiencing incredible pain relief and improved function. Check out my video at link below. Read more…

Total Shoulder Replacement – The subscapularis is vital!!

Total shoulder arthroplasty is a fantastic procedure for a patient with shoulder arthritis who has failed conservative therapies. The subscapularis (rotator cuff tendon that has to be taken down to do the procedure) repair is equally important to a properly implanted prosthesis. Check out my video on my subscapularis repair technique.

Stem Cell Treatments – Beware!!

I would like to submit a warning to all the people out there who are looking for a magical fix for treating arthritis or other Orthopaedic problems. In the last few weeks I have seen a handful of patients who came to me for a second opinion regarding stem cell treatments. These patients suffer from Read more…