Steroid Injection vs. PRP Injection?



I recently received a question from a patient with arthritis in their knee about what the benefits are from receiving a steroid (cortisone) injection vs. a PRP injection.

A steroid is simply a RESET. It will settle down inflammation and thus pain. It has no benefit in terms of healing. I typically recommend utilizing a steroid injection when they have an acute event that has caused them to have severe pain and swelling.  The effects of this only last a few weeks.

PRP has anti-inflammatory effects, protects cartilage by inhibiting the enzymes that break cartilage down, and promotes healing. Although there is limited long term data and controlled studies, those of us who have been utilizing it have seen great benefit.

My typical protocol is to administer 3 injections over 3 to 4 weeks.  Patients typically report less pain, swelling and improved function that can last a year or longer.  Many patients will come back for a booster injection at 6 to 9 months if they begin to experience a relapse.

If you are wondering if you are a candidate for this treatment, you may call and schedule a consultation.  If you have recent standing X-rays, you can send me these X-rays and a brief description of your symptoms via email, and I will tell you if I believe that you are a good candidate.

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Christopher Jones, MD
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