My name is Jo and I am 61 yrs old. When my left shoulder locked up and I could no longer move it, my doctor sent me to Dr. Jones. I had an x-ray and then an MRI. Determining that I had arthritis and bone spurs in my shoulder joint, Dr. Jones and I determined he should do an orthoscopic operation to see if he could free the joint. He got in there and scrapped out arthritis and filed off the bone spurs. Afterward, he told me to get out of the sling as soon as possible. That night I took it off.

I started physical therapy three days later. Other than it has taken a while for my muscles to realize what they used to know and how to work. Stretch stretch stretch….. PT and Dr. Jones have completely brought back my range of motion in my arm. It has been six weeks since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jones and his team. A very nice and competent man and fabulous facility and people who work with and for him.

Jo Rockefellor

He did surgery on my shoulder a few years back and I am so thankful!! Awesome Doctor!!

Selena Baxter

I had 4 surgical issues, 2 of them considered major surgeries in the course of a few years. Prior to the first surgery, I was very competitive in gymnastics, track, and swimming. After my first knee surgery, my entire world was ripped out from under me. Dr. Jones did a phenomenal job. I can do anything now with no limitations. I have competed competitively in swimming in college for the past 2 years and have had no problems and can do the things I love once again!

Thanks again Dr. Jones! ????

Julia Atwood, Colorado Springs