3-D High-Resolution Cat Scan For Planning Total Shoulder Replacement – Why it’s Necessary

Dr. Jones began studying total shoulder replacement as a resident at Duke. Fascinated by the process, he now utilizes a technology called Exactech GPS in his shoulder arthroplasties.  GPS stands for guided personalized surgery, and Dr. Jones is using this technology to revolutionize total shoulder replacement and improve outcomes for patients.

A 3D CT Scan is utilized to determine the morphology of the patient’s glenoid (socket). This technology is then used to create a surgical plan customized to the patient.

Looking at the shoulder socket without advanced technology like the CT Scan, surgeons are only able to see one view of the area. Oftentimes, with arthritis, the glenoid vault can become eroded or worn down and patients will have a severely deformed glenoid.

Using technology like the Exactech GPS allows surgeons to:

  • see all glenoid erosions, areas of access, and complete wear and tear to the joint
  • create a 3-D rendering to look at the socket and scapula from any plane they need.
  • map out the surgery including access points and how to virtually place the prosthesis or replacement parts
  • know exactly how the implant needs to sit on the existing bone for a successful surgery
  • be guided by sensors throughout the surgery to ensure correct placement of a prosthesis or replacement parts

Having a specific plan created from the CT Scan that surgeons can use during arthroplasty reduces the chance of abnormal biomechanics as the prosthesis is anchored correctly, and increases the longevity of the joint after replacement.

We know injury and surgery can be a daunting and painful prospect to consider. From the anatomy of the shoulder and scapula, to shoulder replacement options and procedures, we have all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can even watch a video where Dr. Jones shows how the CT scan guides his view of the shoulder and helps him plan both primary and reverse shoulder replacements for patients. Utilization of this revolutionary technology radically improves your chances of successful shoulder arthroplasty and can help you on the road to living your best life. For more information or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jones, please contact our office today.

Dr. Christopher Jones is a top rated orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs

Dr. Christopher K. Jones, MD

Dr. Christopher Jones is an orthopedic surgeon with Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group. He has practiced in Colorado Springs since 2003 and specializes in the treatment of disorders and injuries of the shoulder, knee, and elbow.

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