dr chris jones reviews

Dr. Jones, Just a follow up on the Stem Cell treatments you did on my knees. Both knees are doing great with no pain after three years, despite being 45 pounds overweight and 71 years old. I can still hike through knee deep snow without a problem. I would definitely do the Stem Cell treatments again and have recommended my wife do the same.

What a great alternative to surgery!

Bob F

At the age of 64, I had a very positive experience with Dr. Chris Jones. After dealing with an arthritic. shoulder for almost 20 years, the time had definitely come for a replacement shoulder – the pain had become just too intense and my mobility was suffering badly. After significant research, doctor appointments and conversations with many patients, I finally decided on Dr. Chris Jones. The decision for me was based not only on very positive reviews and comments that I was receiving, but also on the fact that Dr. Chris Jones works with and understands people that are athletes and/or very active.

I am very active and exercise almost every day. He was very patient and answered all my questions.  He really took an interest in my progress after the surgery.  I asked for the world and wanted a shoulder that I had 25 years ago. Much to my surprise, I got exactly that! But I am here to tell you that your success also depends greatly on you!

The pain for me in recovery was minimal but wearing a sling and sleeping with it for 6 weeks was not fun. So attitude is huge. Don’t cheat on the sling. Do all the therapy recommended and continue to do your exercises each day long after your recovery. Do as much of the therapy and exercises as the doctor will allow but no more. When the sling comes off, your arm is very weak but in a few weeks with therapy, your flexibility comes back quickly and you can do most things.

The doctor will give you some weight restrictions on lifting. You have too much time invested in this. Do what he says. Keep adding recommended exercises and light weights and your arm quickly strengthens. After 4 – 5 months, my arm felt 95%.  By 8 months my arm was at 100 % and felt like it did when I was 30 years old, greatly exceeding my expectations.

Nothing is guaranteed but if you have the right attitude going into surgery, and willing to put in the work through the recovery phase and listen to what the professionals tell you to do, Dr. Chris Jones is going to give you the best chance. My only regret is not doing the surgery 10 years ago but maybe the timing was right for me.   The technology has evolved and a high degree of success is very possible today.
Larry Wiora

I visited another highly recommended provider, who recommended surgery on my shoulder, prior to seeing Dr. Jones. I decided to get a second opinion before surgery. This was one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. The difference in care could not have been more dramatic. Dr. Jones was punctual, professional, precise and thorough in his exam. His individual care and patience was evident. As a result, we are pursuing alternate options that may prevent surgery altogether.
Riaan Heyns

I saw Dr. Christopher Jones for my shoulder issues after a crash on my mountain bike. Dr Jones is very caring, thorough and explains everything he’s doing and why. His expertise in orthopedic care is exceptional. He truly cares about his patients and getting them back to their lifestyle of choice pain-free. I highly recommend him.
Mel Bedia

I went to Dr. Jones, after moving to the Colorado Springs area, due to a shoulder injury I received from a student in another state. My previous Dr. said he fixed the rotator tear & nothing was wrong. That was in 2017. Dr. Jones ordered an MRI with contrast. After reviewing the results & examining me, he felt it was a separated bicep. He did surgery and found multiple tears. There was also arthritis. I’m only two days out from surgery but the pain going down my arm is gone. I’m really pleased with the results so far. I’ve had multiple bone surgeries and I will tell you I’ve never been treated so well by a Dr’s group. Every single person I interacted with went over and above. When I was in the office, everyone took the time to explain things, even the little things. If I had a question after I left the office, I would call in and leave a message. Almost without fail I heard back from his office the same day. It didn’t matter how minor my question was, they called. They also called after I went home after surgery. I missed their first call & they left a message but called back to ensure they talked with me before they went home. I’m VERY pleased with Dr. Jones and his entire staff including the surgical team. I highly recommend him and his staff.
Melanie Garvin

I was referred to Dr. Jones by quite a few people he has worked on. I went in thinking I had injured my shoulder. My first appointment was with his PA, Sarah. She was wonderful and answered all my questions. She discovered the pain was most likely coming from a neck issue and did not hesitate to get more x-rays and order and MRI. The office staff was wonderful in getting me in as soon as possible with Dr. Jones to get the MRI results, and I’m so grateful for that. Dr. Jones found the issues and didn’t just say I needed to see a spine specialist, he immediately called to see if I could see him that same day. Thanks to Dr. Jones and his PA I will be having the damage repaired soon. The care Dr. Jones and his staff gave me even after knowing it wasn’t my shoulder and the quick turnaround to get me to the right Dr. has been wonderful. I definitely recommend him for your shoulder or arm problems! Thank you, Dr. Jones, for making sure I got the care I needed.
Krystal Baker

Great experiences with Dr. Jones. As a high school baseball coach, he treated several of our athletes. As a dad, he worked with my son. Now as I am getting older, he recently helped me with a nagging shoulder injury. No matter the situation, he has done an excellent job with patient care and getting people back to health.
Jared Newman

Dr. Jones is one of the most meticulous, honest, competent & trustworthy surgeons around, in my opinion. He did a reverse shoulder replacement on my 75-year-old Mom, Jeannie Wolff, in January, which went great. We are awaiting her to have her other shoulder done, again a reverse shoulder replacement, in 2 months. I have no trouble putting my trust in him. If he says he needs to wait to decide what to do until he actually gets into the surgery, you can bet he is going to take all factors involved, not just that one day in surgery, but the patients life, wants & needs from the surgery & make a well thought out decision to fit. I highly recommend Dr. Jones to anyone in need of his excellent services. He doesn’t just want his patients to recover, he and his staff want their patients to recover and get on living life with confidence & no more pain. At our last visit, we were asking Dr. Jones how he does so many surgeries, he smiled & said, “I love what I do” and he not only loves it, he treats his patients like family, just as his staff does. A very kind, understanding & just straight outsmart surgeon with a staff that reflects just that too!
Jennifer G

I’m 4.5 months post-surgery and extremely happy with the results. I had a total shoulder joint replacement. Prior to surgery I was in pain most of the time and had a limited range of motion. I suffered for approximately 15 years with the pain and had doubts that surgery would be effective. I’m so very fortunate to have Dr. Jones for a surgeon, he is the best. If you’re in a lot of pain I highly recommend you see Dr. Jones.
Ed Nemeth

I don’t think enough is said about Dr. Jones’s PA Sarah Beauchamp. Her level of care is unsurpassed. She did everything possible to rule out any complications and was receptive to my concerns. I’d recommend Dr. Jones because he has such an excellent team working with him.
Bronwyn Nicholson

It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Jones. For years I’ve suffered with at times excruciating shoulder pain. After meeting Dr. Jones I learned that I would be a great candidate for shoulder replacement surgery. He completely described the procedure and showed me 3d images of a shoulder for perspective. One of the best things he said to me was that my shoulder pain will be gone once the surgery is completed. You’re the man Dr. Jones!
Christopher Ward

My first experience with Dr. Jones was terrific — he is very personable, put me at ease, and explained very thoroughly the problem I’m having with my shoulder and possible avenues to bring some mobility back to my life! I had numerous x-rays while there — I found all the people to be especially nice. I would recommend!
Connie Ross

Dr. Jones is a very, very good surgeon. I had left shoulder arthroscopy about 13 weeks ago for bone spurs, torn rotator cuff, and calcium nodules in the supraspinatus tendon after trying an injection without much relief. Now after surgery, I’m still sore during PT, but it is muscle soreness from rehab, not tendon or joint gritting pain. I expect as time rolls along, that too will subside.

My physical therapist is tickled that I’m doing so well, and I’m hitting or exceeding all his PT milestones for range of motion and strength!

If you’re sitting there dealing with your shoulder pain and like me, you can’t extend your hand out to reach a quart of milk on the top shelf, go do yourself a favor and see what Dr. Jones can possibly do for you.
I believe he’ll do you a solid.
Mark E.

Dr. Jones has amazing skills. Very pleased with my shoulder surgery!!!
D Turley

Great Doc, very caring, good bedside manner.
D Roe

Dr. Jones is very professional in all ways. Even though he is a surgeon, he has always referred to surgery as a last resort. “Let’s try this first, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll try something else”. I really appreciate that outlook. He has been treating me ever since he started his practice many years ago in Colorado Springs.
R Matlock

I had surgery on March 20. Dr. Jones was very honest with me as to the outcome. He was able to relieve the constant pain I was in and has given me hope that I will regain more movement in my shoulder. He is a very caring Dr. and is genuinely concerned about his patients. I would recommend Dr. Jones to anyone.
J Gibson

At 71 years old I could not enjoy swimming or water aerobics -it was too painful. Then, my arthritic shoulder kept me up frequently at night. My muscles (software) are pretty good but my bony joints (hardware) are eroded and spurred. Twelve weeks ago Dr. Jones replaced my left shoulder. With good physical therapy, I’m back to gentle swims and raising both hands high. I’m so grateful to Dr. Jones for getting my life back.
Marsha Stanton

Being in the world of extreme sports as long as I have, I’ve had my fair share of doctors. Dr. Jones and his office are both easy to work with and it is a comfortable atmosphere every visit. Thanks again doc.
Eric Boos

Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is a top-notch organization dedicated to returning athletes to the field through a comprehensive course of treatment. From the initial visit to the last day of Physical Therapy, my overall experience following a knee injury was nothing short of outstanding. I have had two foot and two knee surgeries and this was by far the best experience I have ever had.

Dr. Jones is an exemplary surgeon; his bedside manner, his innovative techniques, and thorough follow-up care make him the best surgeon I have ever encountered. I had a rather gruesome knee injury that I feared might take me away from the activities I love. I initially met with another surgeon at CSOG who referred me to Dr. Jones. When we met for the first time we reviewed the films together and then spent a long time talking about the sports I enjoy (karate, skiing, baseball) and my expectations following the surgery. My expectation was that I could return to all of these activities and not have to worry about a repeat injury.

The course of treatment Dr. Jones followed was, to me, innovative (I had a similar injury/procedure to the other knee ten years prior with much different results) and relied on my willingness to complete the PT afterward in order to return to full function. Three months later I am back to all of my activities without concern.

I am 44 years old, but I never felt like an old man with Dr. Jones, he treated me like an athlete and, in conjunction with the CSOG Physical Therapy Team, developed a treatment plan to return me to the field, not just for long strolls on the beach.

The CSOG Physical Therapy Team met me directly after surgery and then again for my first post-op appointment. I always had the feeling that Matt and Julie and the entire PT staff were part of a team dedicated to my return to the field. They developed a comprehensive plan to develop my strength and flexibility through a wide range of cardio and strength training exercises. They pushed me hard but I always felt like I was part of the team working to return my knee to full function. Honestly, I am stronger now than I was before the injury and the PT team has given me the tools to keep myself strong and flexible for the long term. All of this was accomplished in a fun, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. I am happy to report that this past weekend I was back teaching karate and skiing black diamonds.

The staff at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is an absolutely outstanding group of dedicated and caring professionals. I give them my highest possible recommendation for orthopaedic care.
Very respectfully, 
Mike Harrison

When I injured my knee skiing, I was so devastated to think about surgery and wondered if I could ever get back to competing in Ironman distance triathlons.  My two good friends, both physicians,  recommended Dr. Christopher Jones.  After meeting with Dr. Jones, I felt reassured that once my healing was complete, I could get back to the endurance sports that I love.  I was extremely confident in Dr. Jones surgical abilities.  My surgery and recovery went very smoothly.  I was very happy that Dr. Jones treated me as an individual with my goals and fitness in mind when guiding me through my recovery.  I am pleased with the progress my knee is making.  At 6 months post-surgery, I am back to running, swimming and biking and look forward to racing again soon.
Janelle Allen,  Colorado Springs, CO

I have been so satisfied with my treatment, that I have also taken my competitive gymnast daughter to Dr. Jones for treatment.  He was able to schedule her right away and give her expert care.

I have been bodybuilding for eight years and a patient of Dr. Jones for five. My training regiment has become increasingly more intense over the years and there have been a number of injuries that have come along with that. I feel very lucky that I was referred to Dr. Jones by my primary 5 years ago for a shoulder injury that required surgery. Dr. Jones understands that training is what I love and always lays out the best options to keep me in the game. I was skeptical about receiving PRP treatment for my tennis elbow but when Dr. Jones suggested it, I trusted his advice. After two treatments and several months of recovery, I was back and hitting new PR’s on everything. This sport is extremely hard on my body and joints I know, but I feel confident to continue because of his excellent work and advice. Thank you, Dr. Jones!
Chris Kohl, Colorado Springs

On Christmas Eve 2013, I tripped and fell in the garage, shredding my bicep and tearing the rotator cuff in my left arm. After seeing my primary care physician, going through physical therapy and having two injections, I finally got a referral to Dr. Jones. He reviewed the X-rays and MRI, determined what was wrong and that I needed surgery to repair the damage. He did arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder in July 2014 and the right shoulder in February 2015. After completing
physical therapy I feel like I have a new lease on life with a full range of motion in both arms and no pain. Dr. Jones listens to his patients and is kind and caring.
Thanks for your help, Dr. Jones.
Barbara Hector, Colorado Springs

Before having shoulder surgery, I contacted a number of friends that had shoulder surgery to ask them about their experiences.  After hearing glowing reports about Dr. Jones, I decided to ask my friends at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates their opinion as to who the best shoulder repair surgeon in Colorado Springs is.  They unequivocally told me, Christopher Jones.  Now, six months after my surgery, I can add my voice to the acclaim based on my experience.  Everyone told me that shoulder surgery is the most painful and difficult rehab.  I discontinued all pain medications two days after surgery because of unpleasant side effects.  The pain was manageable.  I took rehab seriously and, as a result, was able to return to reasonably normal activities well before the twelve weeks of rehab were completed.  Thank you, Dr. Jones!
Gene Schwartz, Colorado Springs

I had shoulder surgery on 28 July 2015. When I was referred to Dr. Jones I was a bit skeptical- long periods of endured pain will do that to a person. Dr. Jones was patiently quiet and listened to my (long) litany of aches, pains, and causes. After a few tests that confirmed arthritis and possible rotator cuff tear Dr. Jones clearly outlined the two possible paths; i.e., MORE physical therapy or surgery. I told him that since I already had years of PT let’s just go ahead with the surgery. He slapped his knee and said, “That’s what I’d recommend!” I laughed and asked why he didn’t just say so. His reply was that it was my decision, but a good one.

My point is that I liked his style from that point on. I knew then that he knew exactly what he was doing and the doctor-patient relationship was cemented with a demonstrated capability to size up both patient AND problem. The surgery went smoothly, and the follow-up, with all the personnel; i.e., Physician Assistants, Physical Therapy, etc., have contributed to a restoration of my use of my left arm and shoulder. I highly recommend Dr. Jones and his team at Colorado Springs Orthopedic Health Group,
Dr. Christopher Faria, D.Min., Ph.D.

Dr. Christopher Jones repaired the Rotor-cuff in my right shoulder. I couldn’t ask for a more caring physician/surgeon. The surgery went very well and therapy went as scheduled and within 3 months I had full movement. I will be having Dr. Jones repair the left shoulder in October.  His bedside manner cannot be beaten. Dr. Jones is a very caring person and I certainly would recommend him to anyone that needed shoulder surgery.
Patricia S Comeau-Shook

I am a 46 yr old man who destroyed his rotator cuff in the gym trying to keep up with all the 20 and 30 somethings I work with. I do overseas diplomatic security and physical fitness is paramount in the performance of my duties. I went to Doctor Jones as he was the doctor who performed both of my mothers’ shoulder replacements and did an outstanding job on both.
Once all the exams/MRI’s were done and surgery was deemed necessary, Dr. Jones explained the entire process and was very patient with me and my wife’s questions and concerns. At no time did I feel rushed or I was being treated as “just another patient”. Come surgery day, again Dr. Jones met with us and was very confidence-inspiring and calming. I came out of surgery with flying colors and after a quality physical therapy regime, I healed very well and returned to work 3 months later with little limitations.
Without a doubt, I would use Dr. Jones and his team again.
Matt G., Colorado Springs

Shoulder pain was my worst enemy for a number of years, even after I had undergone rotator cuff surgery. I was sleeping only 3 or 4 hours nightly because of pain and could not lift our youngest grandchild. My wife and I love to travel, but I was embarrassed that I could not lift her suitcase and placed in the overhead bin.
On January 28, 2016, I had a reverse shoulder replacement with Dr. Jones. Today April 27, 2016, I was able to trim trees with pruners, shovel dirt out of flower pots, and complete all daily functions without pain in my left shoulder. I am sleeping normally without pills and plan to be fly fishing in the middle of May (less than 4 ½ months after surgery). My physical therapist said she was extremely proud of my progress, but that all of her patients referred by Dr. Christopher Jones, M.D. had done extremely well.
I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Jones and am thankful to him for my reverse shoulder replacement. My surgical experience was so positive that I plan to have the same procedure on my right shoulder this year at age 72, as I want to be able to continue to fly fish, travel, and bike. If anyone reading this is having shoulder pain, I highly recommend that you consider all the options that are available to you and seek out a talented surgeon.
Thank you, Dr. Jones, for giving me a new lease on an active lifestyle.

Ken Nall, Colorado Springs

Two of my most trusted friends recommended Dr. Jones to me after more than 3 years of unresolved shoulder pain following a mountain bike accident. Other doctors had been dismissive and I thought I was destined to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. When I visited with Dr. Jones, he took my injuries seriously and after an office evaluation, he ordered MRIs to assess the extent of the damage. The imaging showed that both rotator cuffs had full-thickness tears with one torn even worse than the other.
Dr. Jones arthroscopically repaired both of my rotator cuffs within 9 months of each other. Both surgeries were complex and complete successes. Because of the extent of the injuries and the surgical expertise required to make the repairs, I truly believe a lesser skilled surgeon would not have achieved the same results. It’s been almost 5 years and I have had no pain and the repairs have held up throughout the course of my high impact sports. Dr. Jones is passionate about his work and deserves the highest possible recommendation as a caring and highly skilled orthopedic surgeon.
Marty Haynes, Colorado Springs

Being in the world of extreme sports as long as I have, I’ve had my fair share of doctors. Dr. Jones and his office are both easy to work with and it is a comfortable atmosphere every visit. Thanks again doc
Eric Boos

Dr. Jones is my surgeon and I had PHENOMENAL RESULTS.
Arlene Minter

My name is Jo and I am 61 yrs old. When my left shoulder locked up and I could no longer move it, my doctor sent me to Dr. Jones. I had an x-ray and then an MRI. Determining that I had arthritis and bone spurs in my shoulder joint, Dr. Jones and I determined he should do an orthoscopic operation to see if he could free the joint. He got in there and scrapped out arthritis and filed off the bone spurs. Afterward, he told me to get out of the sling as soon as possible. That night I took it off.

I started physical therapy three days later. Other than it has taken a while for my muscles to realize what they used to know and how to work. Stretch stretch stretch….. PT and Dr. Jones have completely brought back my range of motion in my arm. It has been six weeks since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jones and his team. A very nice and competent man and fabulous facility and people who work with and for him.
Jo Rockefellor

He did surgery on my shoulder a few years back and I am so thankful!! Awesome Doctor!!
Selena Baxter

I had 4 surgical issues, 2 of them considered major surgeries in the course of a few years. Prior to the first surgery, I was very competitive in gymnastics, track, and swimming. After my first knee surgery, my entire world was ripped out from under me. Dr. Jones did a phenomenal job. I can do anything now with no limitations. I have competed competitively in swimming in college for the past 2 years and have had no problems and can do the things I love once again!
Thanks again Dr. Jones! ????
Julia Atwood, Colorado Springs

Testimonial Letter from Jackson Spalding

Jackson Spalding, Air Force Academy Colorado Springs