I visited another highly recommended provider, who recommended surgery on my shoulder, prior to seeing Dr. Jones. I decided to get a second opinion before surgery. This was one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. The difference in care could not have been more dramatic. Dr. Jones was punctual, professional, precise and thorough in his exam. His individual care and patience was evident. As a result, we are pursuing alternate options that may prevent surgery altogether.
Riaan Heyns

I saw Dr. Christopher Jones for my shoulder issues after a crash on my mountain bike. Dr Jones is very caring, thorough and explains everything he’s doing and why. His expertise in orthopedic care is exceptional. He truly cares about his patients and getting them back to their lifestyle of choice pain-free 🙂 I highly recommend him.
Mel Bedia

I went to Dr. Jones, after moving to the Colorado Springs area, due to a shoulder injury I received from a student in another state. My previous Dr. said he fixed the rotator tear & nothing was wrong. That was in 2017. Dr. Jones ordered an MRI with contrast. After reviewing the results & examining me, he felt it was a separated bicep. He did surgery and found multiple tears. There was also arthritis. I’m only two days out from surgery but the pain going down my arm is gone. I’m really pleased with the results so far. I’ve had multiple bone surgeries and I will tell you I’ve never been treated so well by a Dr’s group. Every single person I interacted with went over and above. When I was in the office, everyone took the time to explain things, even the little things. If I had a question after I left the office, I would call in and leave a message. Almost without fail I heard back from his office the same day. It didn’t matter how minor my question was, they called. They also called after I went home after surgery. I missed their first call & they left a message but called back to ensure they talked with me before they went home. I’m VERY pleased with Dr. Jones and his entire staff including the surgical team. I highly recommend him and his staff.
Melanie Garvin

I was referred to Dr. Jones by quite a few people he has worked on. I went in thinking I had injured my shoulder. My first appointment was with his PA, Sarah. She was wonderful and answered all my questions. She discovered the pain was most likely coming from a neck issue and did not hesitate to get more x-rays and order and MRI. The office staff was wonderful in getting me in as soon as possible with Dr. Jones to get the MRI results, and I’m so grateful for that. Dr. Jones found the issues and didn’t just say I needed to see a spine specialist, he immediately called to see if I could see him that same day. Thanks to Dr. Jones and his PA I will be having the damage repaired soon. The care Dr. Jones and his staff gave me even after knowing it wasn’t my shoulder and the quick turnaround to get me to the right Dr. has been wonderful. I definitely recommend him for your shoulder or arm problems! Thank you, Dr. Jones, for making sure I got the care I needed.
Krystal Baker

Great experiences with Dr. Jones. As a high school baseball coach, he treated several of our athletes. As a dad, he worked with my son. Now as I am getting older, he recently helped me with a nagging shoulder injury. No matter the situation, he has done an excellent job with patient care and getting people back to health.
Jared Newman

Dr. Jones is one of the most meticulous, honest, competent & trustworthy surgeons around, in my opinion. He did a reverse shoulder replacement on my 75-year-old Mom, Jeannie Wolff, in January, which went great. We are awaiting her to have her other shoulder done, again a reverse shoulder replacement, in 2 months. I have no trouble putting my trust in him. If he says he needs to wait to decide what to do until he actually gets into the surgery, you can bet he is going to take all factors involved, not just that one day in surgery, but the patients life, wants & needs from the surgery & make a well thought out decision to fit. I highly recommend Dr. Jones to anyone in need of his excellent services. He doesn’t just want his patients to recover, he and his staff want their patients to recover and get on living life with confidence & no more pain. At our last visit, we were asking Dr. Jones how he does so many surgeries, he smiled & said, “I love what I do” and he not only loves it, he treats his patients like family, just as his staff does. A very kind, understanding & just straight outsmart surgeon with a staff that reflects just that too!
Jennifer G

I’m 4.5 months post-surgery and extremely happy with the results. I had a total shoulder joint replacement. Prior to surgery I was in pain most of the time and had a limited range of motion. I suffered for approximately 15 years with the pain and had doubts that surgery would be effective. I’m so very fortunate to have Dr. Jones for a surgeon, he is the best. If you’re in a lot of pain I highly recommend you see Dr. Jones.
Ed Nemeth

I don’t think enough is said about Dr. Jones’s PA Sarah Beauchamp. Her level of care is unsurpassed. She did everything possible to rule out any complications and was receptive to my concerns. I’d recommend Dr. Jones because he has such an excellent team working with him.
Bronwyn Nicholson

It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Jones. For years I’ve suffered with at times excruciating shoulder pain. After meeting Dr. Jones I learned that I would be a great candidate for shoulder replacement surgery. He completely described the procedure and showed me 3d images of a shoulder for perspective. One of the best things he said to me was that my shoulder pain will be gone once the surgery is completed. You’re the man Dr. Jones!
Christopher Ward

My first experience with Dr. Jones was terrific — he is very personable, put me at ease, and explained very thoroughly the problem I’m having with my shoulder and possible avenues to bring some mobility back to my life! I had numerous x-rays while there — I found all the people to be especially nice. I would recommend!
Connie Ross