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Tom FuchsTom Fuchs
20:28 11 Jul 24
Dr. Jones is the consummate professional. I was amazed at how much he improved my shoulder, without surgery. The rest is up to me and exercises.
Mary HobratschkMary Hobratschk
18:56 01 Jun 24
Jay TerrellJay Terrell
13:52 25 May 24
I am in the preliminary stages of having a shoulder replacement. The team and Dr. Jones have given me the information I need to be comfortable in proceeding. I will have the surgery.
Mike BrumitMike Brumit
16:20 21 May 24
Completely happy with the results from the procedure Dr. Jones performed.
Matt KnightMatt Knight
21:11 17 May 24
Dr Jones is great Doctor. I’ve been seeing him for 6 years over various issues. He has done surgery and other treatments that changed my life for the better. Dr Jones will take all the time it needs to listen to your issues and concerns. I highly recommend him! Matt Knight
Judy AllgeyerJudy Allgeyer
20:06 03 May 24
Very very kind staff. Very knowledgeable doctor. Took care of me as a person.
Paul MatthiesPaul Matthies
19:41 29 Apr 24
johnny rowejohnny rowe
23:28 02 Apr 24
Dr. Christopher K. Jones, MD, explained the procedure needed for my left shoulder in a way that made me comfortable.I am looking forward to have my shoulder replaced, so I can return to somewhat normal life activities.
Dennis FarrDennis Farr
22:36 29 Mar 24
My visit was very thorough and comfortable.
bernice bakerbernice baker
21:39 29 Mar 24
Dr. Jones is an amazing surgeon! His staff is excellent as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones for your shoulder issues. Dr. Jones and his staff not only have taken care of me medically but they have also submitted all documentation necessary for my medical bills, my therapy and everything! I have been so fortunate to have such an awesome doctor who cares. Thank you so much Dr. Jones thank you so much Phil, thank you so much Tiffany for all you have done for me. I’m not fully recovered yet from my surgery but the peace of mind I have knowing that I’m in good hands is very comforting.
Rex CarrierRex Carrier
02:47 25 Mar 24
Beth MeeseBeth Meese
14:28 20 Mar 24
Dan dad of zeusDan dad of zeus
20:27 12 Dec 23
I went to Dr. Jones for a second opinion on a knee injury. He went much further in explaining what to expect through recovery. I amConfident that I am on the road to recovery
Alexander SenkoffAlexander Senkoff
16:28 08 Dec 23
Dr Jones is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon. He’s cared for me for years and is personally very warm and caring and professionally top grade!
Steve CalandrellaSteve Calandrella
22:23 14 Nov 23
Great experience. Dr. Jones and the entire support staff were professional, welcoming, and friendly. Highly recommend for any health issues they treat.
Kamber ArbiniKamber Arbini
21:29 10 Nov 23
Dr. Jones is a great surgeon, but I love that he is also very conservative. He has helped me manage my knee pain for years, until I was finally ready to have him surgically fix it! Thank you! He is my first recommendation for knees, shoulders, elbows and sports injuries!
K OstrK Ostr
16:59 29 Oct 23
Short story- I have these pesky calcium deposits in my shoulder tendons- both. Dr. Jones has been great with me- has explained everything very well (I researched too), and offered options. What I appreciate is that he answers questions in a way that makes everything clear. I never leave my appointment feeling like I didn't understand something or like I didn't have the opportunity to ask more questions. I highly recommend making an appointment if you are researching a Dr for a shoulder problem. Oh, and his assistant, Tiffany is awesome too. 😊
Jalinda GieckJalinda Gieck
15:33 28 Oct 23
I met Dr Chris Jones for my shoulder pain, he graciously is willing to work with you to prolong surgery (if not an emergency) and provide PT to improve the shoulder area prior to surgery. He listens & provides honest feedback.
Lindsey KnappLindsey Knapp
20:05 27 Oct 23
Dr. Jones fixed my rotator cuff 2.5 weeks ago. I heard horror stories how the pain would be TERRIBLE postop & I was very nervous. I have had very minimal pain! Dr. Jones & his staff are top notch and CARE about their patients. I’m so glad I chose to have the surgery and I do believe my pain has been so low because of how good Dr. Jones is. If you’re thinking of getting shoulder surgery, he is your guy! Fantastic surgeon!
Joe FernandezJoe Fernandez
21:30 13 Oct 23
Great service, short wait times, very informative information on your concerns.
Debbie AlfordDebbie Alford
14:10 27 Sep 23
Dr Jones has been absolutely amazing. My daughter tore her ACL and her meniscus and was super bummed. He’s been super supportive and helping her get back to playing volleyball. Her surgery went great. Couldn’t have asked for a better Dr.
Rick HarrisRick Harris
15:25 26 Sep 23
Very good staff and Dr Jones very helpful with the issues at hand and has the knowledge of the correct procedure to perform. Thanks!!
Monica SchneiderMonica Schneider
23:00 15 Sep 23
I was referred to Dr Jones because I wanted the least evasive treatment for pain I had had for years. I had tried physical therapy, chiropractors, accupuncture, topical and oral medicine but nothing helped. Dr Jones recently treated my pain with Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP). The pain I had for years has dissipated. Thank you Dr Jones.
Damon FieldsDamon Fields
15:29 15 Sep 23
Dr. Jones is always attentive and understanding of patient needs and he does well explaining things in layman's terms. Even though I don't live in Colorado Springs, I will always make that trip to see Dr. Jones for any shoulder issues that I have.
Ken WestfallKen Westfall
16:32 09 Sep 23
Thank you for your time. It was very helpful in determining myoutcome. I do believe I want a knee replacement. Can you see how fast I can get in to have this procedure done.You are the best!
Joyce VelezoJoyce Velezo
14:15 05 Sep 23
I have been to see Dr. Jones several times. Each time he takes the time to listen to you. He is extremely knowledgeable, and doesn't take chances. I am very happy to have found such a great doctor. He has been my doctor for awhile now. Thank you Dr. Jones.
Nancy ReinhardtNancy Reinhardt
01:30 01 Sep 23
He diagnosed my shoulder issue and told me what could be done. It was a relief as I thought I was facing a shoulder replacement. The treatment has been conservative and helpful.
Kelly WashboardKelly Washboard
17:16 29 Aug 23
Dr . Jones is very genuine and caring. I really appreciate his thorough and clear explanation of my conditions and options.Bruce
Ernest BurnsErnest Burns
21:38 28 Aug 23
Tim PahlowTim Pahlow
19:24 22 Aug 23
Dr. Jones has operated on both my shouldersHave had a great outcome on bothWould highly recomend Dr. Jones to anybody with shoulder problemsAlso my wife had her knee done with Dr. Jones same great outcome
Rosalie BacunRosalie Bacun
19:06 15 Aug 23
Janice JonesJanice Jones
17:26 19 Jul 23
Dr Jones is wonderful. His staff are also top notch. I am a nurse and I am particular about the doctors that I receive care from. Dr Jones is experienced, knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to discuss what was wrong with my joint and what some of the options for treatments and surgeries are. Then he listened to me and we established a plan of care together that best meets my needs and will give me the outcome that I’m looking for. He is the best.
Marilyn EvansMarilyn Evans
23:23 15 Jul 23
Dr. Christopher Jones performed a Reverse Replacement Shoulder procedure on my right shoulder on July 5, 2023. This was the second time I have been his shoulder surgical patient-the first one on the left side. Dr. Jones is an amazing surgeon. He kept me informed of everything that was necessary to my wellbeing and healing. I was able to leave the hospital the same day as surgery. I have complete confidence in Dr. Jones to be my surgeon when and if future injuries make it necessary. Thank you so much!
Symenthia BryantSymenthia Bryant
18:54 14 Jul 23
Jill GullyJill Gully
21:27 28 Jun 23
I was checked in quickly and efficiently, and x-rays were done right away. Short delay before Dr. Jones made it to the room, but he listened to my concerns and personally administered the cortisone shot rather than just leaving that to one of his assistants. He encouraged me to do plenty of stretching, and it appears that the "freezing" of my shoulder was caught early and has been arrested at this point. I am grateful for the pain relief and the restored mobility in just a matter of days.
Patti MackPatti Mack
17:43 20 Jun 23
Listen, investigated, looked further.
Shawnee BrennerShawnee Brenner
18:35 27 Apr 23
I’m one of those athletic people who wants the quick fix so I can get back to playing hard. I made an appointment with Dr Jones to evaluate my painful elbow which I had let get so bad I couldn’t raise my coffee cup to my mouth! I thought I wanted a cortisone shot so I could get back to activity but I listened as Dr Jones explained what was really going on inside my elbow and that the best solution for long term repair was actually PRP. He really took time to answer all my questions and explain the procedure in detail. Dr made sure I was comfortable throughout the appointment & detailed the time line for healing. I slept through the night for the first time in months because my elbow didn’t wake me up! I can’t thank Dr Jones enough for guiding me down this path of healing. I’m excited to be pain free and get back to tennis and all the fun things you need an elbow for!
Kristi QueryKristi Query
01:27 27 Mar 23
Dr. Chris Jones has been a wonderful orthopedic surgeon! When I experienced a terrible injury, he took over my care and completed a difficult surgery to place a rod in my upper arm. Dr. Jones saw me right away and confidently reassured me. He was competent and thorough, while taking the time to explain everything to me and my husband. My follow-up care has been comprehensive, and I have felt secure throughout my difficult recovery because of Dr. Jones.
20:19 24 Feb 23
Dr. Jones replaced both my arthritic shoulders about 3 years apart. The most recent being in 2020. Now 3 years out I’ve kept up with recommended exercise and have experienced very little pain and have retained probably 95% motion in both shoulders. I’ve been able to continue riding motorcycles and regular activities and am very thankful to Dr. Jones for surgeries well done! Highly recommend Dr. Jones.
Pam FarrellPam Farrell
23:08 21 Feb 23
Dr Jones has performed multiple surgeries on my two shoulders. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a shoulder replacement, or rotator cuff repair. He listens to the patient and their concerns. I had a shoulder replacement in 2015 and saw him yesterday for a checkup. I am having some issues with that shoulder. He listened to all of my concerns and pain areas . He explained what possibly could be happening. I will see him in 6 months for a reassessment to see what next steps need to happen, if any.
Carol SchmitzCarol Schmitz
18:47 09 Feb 23
Dr. Chris Jones examined my L shoulder, reviewed the x-rays. There was no bone damage, i have a contusion..Dr Jones has been my shoulder doctor for many years.. He is the best physician & his knowledge & understanding of all sports & injuries is unequaled. I got his okay to continue skiing & playing my saxophone. He said to come back in a week if symptoms persist. Thank you Dr. Jones!Carol Schmitz
james vetterjames vetter
17:29 14 Jan 23
Very positive experience with the entire office. From front desk to radiology tech to PA and Dr. Jones, everyone was friendly and professional. This was my initial appointment and I was in and out in less than 45 minutes. That included x-rays and treatment. Very efficient and smooth. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones and team.
20:46 13 Jan 23
1st time seeing Dr. Jones for my shoulder. He did a thorough exam of my rt shoulder and explained everything on my XR and what we could do for the issues on that imaging. Also why an MRI was needed to get a better view of what is going on with my rotator cuff, so that he could assess what needs to be done for that as well. Very personable and genuinely caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone that asked. Thank you Dr. Jones....hard to find docs like you....I appreciate you!!!
Matthew FeltnerMatthew Feltner
18:48 18 Nov 22
Dr. Jones is one of the best orthopedic docs I’ve ever known. He’s treated me and also my son for miscellaneous injuries. Over the years, I’ve been exposed to many different types of orthos and I can tell you that Dr. Jones is a gifted surgeon and expert.
Raul SanchezRaul Sanchez
17:44 01 Oct 22
Dr. Jones has been my surgeon since 2005. His work on both of my shoulders is awesome. I can still cast a fishing rod at 62 because both of my shoulders work perfectly without pain. He has been invaluable with his work on my daughters knees. The trust he builds with all his patients is even more helpful when he recommends someone else to work on the parts he doesn't specifically work on.
Jasper SanFellipoJasper SanFellipo
16:44 15 Sep 22
If I could give 10 stars I would. I've been in the thoughtful care of Dr. Jones and his competent staff for the past 3 years. I always feel well cared for. I've received treatment on my knee and shoulder from Dr. Jones. Also, multiple PRP injections on my shoulder--which have made a wonderful difference.Unlike other physicians/specialists in town, I never feel rushed when I am with him. I ask a TON of questions; I am slow to make big, consequential decisions when it comes to my body. Dr. Jones knows this and is always patient with me.I highly recommend him.--Tom O.
Tina WilsonTina Wilson
21:33 23 Aug 22
Very professional. Very good at explaining in non medical language. Great Dr.
Diana HutsonDiana Hutson
15:24 27 Jul 22
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Jones and staff. I felt comfortable there as soon as I walked in. The entire staff was wonderful. The office was very clean, bright and friendly. Dr. Jones gave me hope that I will be able to obtain pain relief in my knee. He explained what’s happening in my knee perfectly to me and put me on the right path of healing. I am excited to go back to start treatments and to track my progress.
Judi PurdyJudi Purdy
21:01 26 Jul 22
Dr. Jones is an exceptional doctor/surgeon. I just completed my 1-year post surgery exam and have zero issues. I will not hesitate to have my left shoulder replaced by Dr. Jones when needed.
Kirsten HendersonKirsten Henderson
21:21 16 Jun 22
Dr. Jones is amazing. He helped me with my shoulder when other doctors in the area said I wasn't fixable...he fixed it. Now I'm revisiting him for knee issues and I know he will make me as good as new again!
Jeff GrissomJeff Grissom
20:18 29 Apr 22
Dr. Jones is the real deal surgeon. 2 knees and shoulder, all like new. Plus he is just a good dude. I would highly recommend him.
Daniel WatermanDaniel Waterman
22:28 26 Apr 22
Dr Jones did a complete shoulder replacement, it was a pleasant experience and he did a excellent job. Shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore and I have full movement. Would recommend dr Jones
Greg ThompsonGreg Thompson
15:19 31 Mar 22
I am seeing Dr Jones again, unfortunately, due to injuring my right shoulder in Dec and he will be doing another surgery this coming July. Not looking forward to the whole process again but I know Dr Jones will do a great job in repairing my shoulder. Dr Jones has completed shoulder surgeries on both my shoulders in the past and they have been working awesome until this biking accident. Love Dr Jones and the office staff!
David WeimerDavid Weimer
17:44 02 Mar 22
Dr Jones and his office are was very considerate and caring every time I go. Always very informative of what’s going on and what will happen during the process.
Scott NilsenScott Nilsen
01:48 26 Feb 22
My first visit was a second opinion and I was thankful I took the time to have Dr. Jones look at my should. Their attention to detail, care plan and follow up has been tremendous. Looking forward to having Dr. Jones get me back “in the game”
Alex HeimbuchAlex Heimbuch
21:02 24 Feb 22
The knee and joint injury specific urgent care is a game changer of a concept. Excellent service and well worth it for the piece of mind after an injury
Julie GibsonJulie Gibson
05:03 15 Jan 22
Almost 3 years ago Dr Jones operated on my shoulder. I have received the best care not only at the time of my surgery but for the years afterI’m so glad I chose Dr Jones to do the surgeryI recommend Colorado Springs orthopedic Group. The staff is so friendly and helpful
Pat FainoPat Faino
21:16 14 Jan 22
Dr. Jones just replaced my left shoulder. He and his entire team were wonderful, excellent surgeon and extremely caring team!!! I would strongly recommend them.Pat Faino
Rick MartinezRick Martinez
17:11 20 Dec 21
Dr. Jones and his staff are awesome. Dr. Jones is thorough, explains diagnosis, treatment and executes care promptly and flawlessly. The staff is friendly, caring and professional. I couldn’t have selected a better Doctor for my care and the staff is excellent.
Archie ParsonsArchie Parsons
15:49 17 Dec 21
Over approximately a three year period, Dr. Jones successfully performed surgery on both my shoulders. He always explains in detail any questions I may have and inspires my total confidence. I am very fortunate to have selected him for my medical care. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly to my friends or family.
Dan ZookDan Zook
22:46 19 Nov 21
Very informative and attentive to my specific needs and treatment options, I would highly recommend.
Ed CatesEd Cates
14:56 13 Nov 21
Dr Jones and I have a long relationship going back to 2014. He replaced my right shoulder and the results from me far exceeded my expectations. He did inform me that because of age and activity I would probably need my left shoulder replaced and the time has come for it. Dr Jones is working with my on scheduling and I believe my left shoulder replacement will go as smooth or smoother than the first. Dr. Jones’ confidence and concern for my goals gives me the confidence to actually look forward to the surgery because I know I will get the best care possible.
Craig CoxCraig Cox
22:08 09 Nov 21
Dr. Jones has an outstanding reputation as a surgeon, and he has earned that reputation. He performed an anatomic full shoulder replacement on me, and within 6 months, my shoulder is fully functional and obviously much better than my worn out shoulder which was replaced. Dr. Jones provided a good education for me on the procedure, he was attentive to my needs and concerns regarding pain management, and I’m not sure how the surgery and recovery could have gone any better. I’ve lived with pain in the shoulder for over a decade, and the pain is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Jones for orthopedic care.
Linda FeeneyLinda Feeney
23:12 31 Aug 21
Dr Jones has done a great job on my shoulder and he has an amazing staff surrounding him who provide careful and exacting care.
Brian GradyBrian Grady
21:23 17 Aug 21
Dr. Christopher Jones came highly recommended by my primary care physician, Dr. Jeffery Kent. Two years ago Dr Jones did a total right shoulder replacement. I have visited his office for follow up appointments and the staff is wonderful. At each appointment with Dr. Jones he shows true care for how I am doing. He always takes the time to check range of motion, explains X rays, and answers any questions. My surgical result was excellent along with the surgery center and physical therapy center being in the same building. Dr. Jones is truly the best surgeon I could ask for.I visited with him yesterday for my two year checkup and my X rays and shoulder are great. I highly recommend Dr Jones if you have shoulder pain. He will evaluate your shoulder and give you treatment options. I am certainly thankful for all he has done to improve my quality of life. Brian
Lynne FondaLynne Fonda
23:26 13 Aug 21
Dr. Jones will be my surgeon for my shoulder replacement this Wed, 8/18. Dr. Jones understands I’m a very active, retired, triathlete; I insist on regular activity to guarantee optimum health. He feels I’m a good surgical candidate, since I’m healthy and fit; I’m looking forward to renewed strength and the elimination of severe pain, on my left side.Dr. Jones is informative, interested, and thorough, in explaining my diagnosis, along with surgery, Physical Therapy, and full recovery. Thank you, Dr. Jones!
Jim WhitlockJim Whitlock
18:01 17 Jul 21
Very professional and fast check in to appointment time. Straight to the point and knew about my shoulder situation and explained my options perfectly. Great to deal with.
Tom EdlundTom Edlund
22:06 22 Jun 21
I dislocated my shoulder in January. In doing so, my main concern was finding a doctor that I was going to be comfortable with should surgery be required. While researching Orthopedic Doctors I came across Dr. Jones name. After reading previous patient reviews, my concerns were put at ease. I live in Denver but was more than willing to make the trip to Colorado Springs to get where I felt was the right place for me to be.I contacted his office and was able to book an appointment within a few days. After meeting Dr Jones and going and over my condition with him, it was immediately apparent to me that I had made the right decision. His approach was very professional and he explained to me it was going to be a long road to complete recovery.It's been 5 months since my injury and along with Dr Jones regiment, my recovery is coming along well and fortunately no surgery is required.My instincts were spot on when it came to choosing Dr Jones and couldn't be happier with the decision I made!Thank you Dr. Jones for your expertise and considerate patient care!Tom Edlund
Angela SalazarAngela Salazar
16:01 16 Jun 21
Dr Jones has been my doctor for many years and I have been extremely pleased with his service. I’ve had two arthroscopic surgeries and and he continues to look out for my well-being. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones as he is extremely competent.
Rick CostaRick Costa
00:09 26 May 21
In the last year I have had 2 shoulder replacements surgeries. I can’t say enough about Dr. Jones and his staff. Excellent Excellent Excellent. I couldn’t be happier.Rjc
Brenda JanssenBrenda Janssen
23:14 27 Apr 21
Dr Jones listens to what you have to say and then he takes action. He’s very professional, caring, straight to the point.I would recommend him to anybody who needs any type of shoulder surgery as I think he is the best.
Randy ThompsonRandy Thompson
16:24 28 Mar 21
Excellent shoulder doctor. I had a reverse shoulder replacement July1, 2020. It has recovered and almost back to full strength as of this date. Now at 78 I'm scheduled for the same on the right shoulder on May 5th. I didn't find it a difficult procedure. MY MAY 5TH SURGERY WENT GREAT. YAHOO...NOW I HAVE TWO NEW SHOULDERS. THANKS DR. JONES...ANOTHER GREAT JOB!!Very little pain if you stay ahead of it. I started using Over the counter pain medicine within a week. The week after surgery I started going to physical therapy which was very easy. If you do your exercises that the PT tell you to do at home, you will be surprised how fast and easy you will recover. My advice to anyone that is my age and experiencing should pain, don't put off seeing Dr. Jones before it becomes to painful. Having bad shoulders makes life no fun.
Julie BrozovichJulie Brozovich
12:01 24 Mar 21
Dr. Jones and staff all worked together very well. He is very professional. I felt at ease and will continue to see him for my ortho appointments.
Richard RedfieldRichard Redfield
19:20 04 Mar 21
My scheduled total reverse shoulder replacement surgery went extremely well with Dr. Christopher Jones. The hospital staff also did an excellent job in taking care of me both in my pre surgery procedures, during my surgery and my recovery period stay overnight and next morning procedures until my release time early in the afternoon. Thank you so much! 😀
Kenny HolcombKenny Holcomb
18:40 14 Feb 21
Dr. Jones did my knee surgery and my daughters knee surgery and did a phenomenal job! I would not recommend anyone else!
Jeff ChurchJeff Church
15:44 13 Feb 21
Dr. Jones is great. He is most interested in a positive outcome for his patients. His explanation of the procedure and care throughout was awesome. My shoulder replacement went very well. I am pain free for the first time in years thanks to Dr. Jones work.
Laura WattLaura Watt
22:38 26 Jan 21
Dr Jones is extremely professional. He was very concerned and attentive to the history of my injury and took the time to describe what my options for treatment were. I love the fact that he started on a more conservative route first, leaving more invasive measures as the last option. I wish I would have come to see him earlier for my neck pain as I am already seeing improvement in less than a week.
April FrostApril Frost
17:53 06 Jan 21
Dr Jones and his team are really great to work with. I have arthritis in my knees, and he has answered all my questions (I ask a lot!!), and provided me with realistic answers and opinions. I appreciate his team's quick response times and knowledge on procedures. I also appreciate that I can get treated in the fewest appointments possible.
Charlie AdamsCharlie Adams
16:20 18 Dec 20
Dr. Jones and his incredible staff exceeded my high expectations with my shoulder surgery and follow up care. Before surgery I was severely limited in use of my shoulder and in constant pain. Now, seven months later, I feel completely normal, without pain or limitations. I heartily recommend Dr. Jones, his assistant, Sara, and the entire staff as the best choice for shoulder care and repair. Thanks!
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