Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Protocols

Physical therapy, rehabilitation, and generally taking care of yourself are vital parts to both injury prevention and recovery. Rehabilitation in particular is a critical component of following a physician’s plan of care after an injury or surgical operation. Adhering to the guidelines in a rehabilitation process is important for reducing healing time and returning to your regular lifestyle. In addition, diligent rehabilitation and plenty of rest helps reduce potential risks of re-injury.

Consult the following rehabilitation protocols to learn about recovering from specific post-operation injuries:


ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol

pdfRehabilitation protocol for Patella Tendon and Quad Repair 

pdfMeniscus Transplantation Rehabilitation Protocol



Rotator Cuff Repair

pdf Rotator Cuff Repair Post Operative Rehabilitation Protocol

pdf Subscapularis Repair Post Op Physical Therapy Protocol

pdfAnterior Stabilization Surgery (Bankart Repair)

pdfTotal Shoulder Arthroplasty Rehabilitation Protocol

Reverse TSA Rehabilitation Protocol

pdfThrowers Ten Exercise Program

pdfInterval Throwing Program – A Guide for a Throwers Return to Play


Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol

pdfRehabilitation Protocol for Distal Biceps Repair



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