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You have undergone a rotator cuff repair on your shoulder.

The purpose of this form is to emphasize what was discussed today during your post operative visit. I realize that the sling you are wearing is very uncomfortable and can make it very difficult to sleep.  However, it is a “necessary evil” in order to give you the best chance of having a successful outcome. Rotator cuff tissue that has torn is typically not very strong and is the weak link in the healing process.  The way that rotator cuff repairs fail is typically by the tissue tearing through the stitches, and this is usually caused by lifting the arm or actively moving it before the healing process is complete. Therefore, it is very important to remain in the sling and only perform the simple passive range of motion (PROM) exercises that were discussed today.  The shoulder will get stiff during the immobilization process, but we will deal with that later. SLEEP can be difficult during this time period.  Most people find it most comfortable to sleep in a recliner or simply propped up in bed with lots of pillows to support their arm and body.  You should wear your sling while sleeping. Hang in there during this 6 weeks.  It will be tough, but it will also be worth it when you are fully recovered. See you in 6 weeks. Dr. Jones

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