Why I Love Performing Total Shoulder Arthroplasty


My interest in shoulder replacement began early in my orthopaedic life.  As a resident, I was fortunate to have worked with some of the best surgeons in their respective fields at Duke University Medical Center.  One of these surgeons was a thought leader in the early development of modern shoulder replacement.  I learned a great deal from him.  His surgical technique was meticulous.  He stressed the importance of attention to every detail.  The exposure or approach in shoulder replacement is probably the most difficult in orthopaedic surgery.  You must take you time and perform each step methodically.  If you cut corners or try to rush, you will simply have to start over.  So my initial interest was sparked by the fact that it is technically challenging.

Patients who undergo a well done shoulder replacement are HAPPY!  The typical patient with shoulder arthritis has learned to live with constant pain.  The pain keeps them awake at night and is just THERE all of the time  These patients come to their 10 day post op appointment and feel better than they did before surgery.  Sure, it takes a while to recover, but they feel better.  Nothing makes my day more, than a patient that I have helped improve the quality of their life.

And finally, I really like the fact that shoulder replacement surgery is still in its infancy when compared to other joint replacements.  The technology and surgical techniques are still being perfected.  I am happy to contribute to advancing the techniques and surgical outcomes for shoulder replacement.

Check out my video above or contact my office for more information!

-Dr. Christopher Jones

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